Horse Show Info

We are so excited you are interested in showing with ADS!  Here you will find all the information you need on what types of shows we offer, how to enter, where they are held, and much more.

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Our schooling show season generally runs March through November.

There are four types of shows that are available to ADS members: (1) schooling shows; (2) farm shows; (3) rated shows; and (4) other non-ADS shows.  Below is more info on each one.

SCHOOLING SHOWS are fun-filled shows designed to give ADS members experience riding dressage movements under show conditions.  Each schooling show has a real USDF L judge, a groomed and decorated arena, and an on-site show secretary.  Ride times are scheduled.  Scores are earned with ribbons awarded.  Scores from schooling shows count towards ADS Year end awards for members.  ADS schooling shows are hosted by a farm owner, who helps ADS provide the volunteers as needed to put on a dressage show.  Please contact us for more info on volunteering.  It is a labor of love!  We could not have the shows or events that we do without volunteers!

FARM SHOWS are similar to schooling shows but are offered by private farm owners instead of  ADS.  A farm show chooses its own entries secretary, hires its own judge, sends its own show flyers, and takes all financial risk for the show.  Like schooling shows, farm shows offer fun and lower-key opportunities to show your horse.  Beginners are welcome!  Entries for farm shows go to the entries secretary designated by the farm.  If show is designated as a farm show, that will be communicated through ADS.

RATED SHOWS (None scheduled currently) also called recognized shows are shows that meet USDF and USEF standards for dressage shows in the United States.  Scores from rated shows count towards regional and national championships and other national standings like USDF rider medals.  In addition to a qualified show secretary, a technical delegate (TD) is onsite to make sure that the show is run according to the high standards of US recognized dressage competitions.  ADS currently does not host any recognized shows.

NON-ADS SHOWS are hosted by other clubs or groups.  These shows may be rated or not, and may or may not count towards ADS end-of-year awards.  In order for a non-ADS show to count towards end of year awards, it must be “sanctioned” by an official vote from the ADS Board.  If a show is sanctioned by ADS, that will be communicated to our members.


Ready to enter an ADS schooling show?  Here’s what to do:

1.  Make sure that your ADS membership is current.
2.  Make sure that your horse has a current (12 month) Coggins.
3.  For ADS schooling shows, please complete your entry using the online system on our website here.  If you do not submit payment with your entry, then you are not considered entered.
4.  Please make plans to volunteer and let us know.
5.  Come and have a blast!


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Click links below for new Beginner Dressage Tests for Junior riders:

ADS Beginner Dressage Test A

ADS Beginner Dressage Test B

After the closing date, usually 10 days before the show date, the show is scheduled with all of the tests and ride times.  The schedule and ride times will be posted here on the website.  On the day of the show, the secretary checks in each rider and gives out the entry packets and bridle numbers. She also receives tallies and posts the scores from each ride.  The results will be posted here on the website. If you need to contact someone regarding your entry, please email [email protected]