ADS Virtual Horse Show Entry

WARNING: Under Arkansas law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities.

This virtual show is open to ADS members only.

Please select class entry from the drop down menu below and Add to Cart.  It will take you to the shopping cart page and please click on Continue Shopping if you need to add additional classes.  It will only allow you to add one item from the drop down menu at a time.  After adding what you need, click on the yellow button to checkout then submit payment through PayPal.  Payment must be submitted in order to be entered into the show.  Once you have completed payment through PayPal, please click on the RETURN TO MERCHANT button to be taken to the page to enter your videos.

Classes are $20 each.  There is a 3% fee added to cover our processing fees.  Please click on more info under the item in your shopping cart to review items selected.

ADS hopes you enjoy this option as we are not able to host horse shows in person at the present time.  Scores from our virtual show will count towards year end awards.  Ribbons/awards will not be awarded for virtual shows.  You will receive a copy of your test with comments either by email or postal mail.

Requirements: Please video one test ride per class entry from “C” location in arena.  Tests must be ridden in a 20x60m arena with proper letters in proper locations.  Videos can be recorded with the use of a phone but ensure that the test is clearly visible.  Please upload your video(s) to YouTube and name your video as your name, horse name, class title, and division (ex. Jane Doe on Silver Training Level Test 1 AM).  Divisions can be shortened to AM for Amateur, JR for Junior, and OP for Open.  AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED YOUR CLASSES AND PAID VIA PAYPAL, PLEASE CLICK ON THE RETURN TO MERCHANT BUTTON TO COMPLETE YOUR ENTRY.  Copy/paste the link url(s) into the form after checkout.  One video test per link.  If you have questions, please ask.

ADS Virtual Show Class Entry