ADS Show Schedule

ADS Schooling Show Schedule 2022

April 10 – Chatfield Equestrian    Judge: Amanda Bailey     Show Managers: Addy Batcheller and Aislin Falasco  Closing Date: April 4

June 5 – Chatfield Equestrian     Judge: Barbara Lewis     Show Manager: Patty Carlson     Closing Date: May 30

October 2 – Chatfield Equestrian     Judge: Susanne Lauda     Show Manager: Joanne Homeyer     Closing Date: September 26

November 13 – Eloraleah Farm     Judge: Gabrielle Callahan    Show Manager: Carole Smith     Closing Date: November 4


Rain Dates: August 28 and October 30



Click links below for new Beginner Dressage Tests for Junior riders:

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