Meeting Minutes for May 2022

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ADS Meeting Notes

May 12, 2022

  • Call To order
    1. Patty Carlson, Joanne Homeyer, Sandra Thompson, Anne Tursky, Kerry Evans, Rene Pope
  • President Report
  1. Board member vacancies: Welcome to TL Jumper as member-at-large. Kerry Evans has agreed to stay on as a member-at-large until we find someone to take that slot.
  1. Clinics/Educational events – Five clinics planned for 2022. Completed the Olivia Lagoy-Wentz and the Lendon Gray Zoom event.
    • Cavaletti clinic scheduled for May 21.
    • Two clinics with Lauren Spieser in September and December.
    • Clinic with Mary Mahler in November, however, to date there are no entries. Jennifer to post this on the website. Sandra to confirm with Carole what status is regarding what Mary’s contract is.
  1. Changes to the by-laws were adopted based on board vote in February. Need to move revised by-laws to the ADS website.
  1. Silent auction on April 10 was successful with approximately 1700.00 received. A big thank you to everyone that helped with the silent auction. Many positive comments about the food and year-end awards received throughout the day.
  1. Are all actions completed for the June 5 show? – yes.
    • Patty working with Joanne regarding needs for show as well as the May 21 clinic.
    • Test run for a portable PA system for the clinics and shows this Saturday May 14.
      • Headset – <$30 with transmitters.
      • Portable Bluetooth speaker with 1.8 mm jack. .
    • Can also be used to broadcast music for freestyles.
  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes sent out 5/12 at 5:27 pm. Rene motion to accept – Joanne 2nd – accepted by proclimation
    2. Membership status: We added eight (8) new members taking total membership to 69. .
  • Treasurer Report
    1. Financial Report Jr $1155.74 and reg account – $13,004.51 as of 5/12/2022
    2. Submit tax documentation to IRS before May 15.
  • Vice President Report – None –
  • Show Report –
  1. First show was April 10 at Chatfield with Amanda Bailey as Judge, Addy/Aislin as Show Managers. Show was very well received and participation was up from 2021. P/L was income over cost of 1,119.72.
  2. Next show on June 6 at Chatfield with Barbara Lewis as Judge, Patty Carlson as Show Manager.
  • Web Master Report- None
  • Year-end awards banquet for 2023.
    1. Date March 4, 2023 and venue Goodwin Manor are confirmed.

Non-Compete and Stallions at shows tabled to next meeting.

Motion to close – Rene made and Joanne 2nd.  Accepted by meeting adjourned.


Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Actions needed for Readiness Due Date
May Tax document due to IRS

Cavalletti Clinic

May 15

May 21

June Show at Chatfield June 5
August Show reschedule date August 28
September Lauren Spieser Clinic September 10-11
October Show at Chatfield

Show Reschedule date

October 2

October 30

November Show/clinic at Eloreah November 12-13
December Lauren Spieser Clinic December 3-4
January Plan year-end banquet January 31
February Renew Insurance March 1
March Year-end banquet at Goodwin Manor March 4
April First show of 2023?  
May Show?  Clinic?  




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