Meeting Minutes for March 2022

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ADS Meeting Notes

February 10, 2022 and March 2022


Call To order

  1. Jennifer Landers, Patty Carlson, Carole Smith, Joanne Homeyer, Sandra Thompson, Anne Tursky
  • President Report
    1. Financial show entry increases. Need decision and board vote to finalize.

Proposed Class fee – to $25

Grounds fees remain at $20.00

Office fee increase to $35.00

Stall Fee’s $15.00 to remain the same – if they clean stall.

Motioned by Patty to accept update Fees -2nd by Jennifer – Passed by acclimation


  1. Board member vacancies: President, Secretary, 3 Member-at-large. Anne Tursky asked to remain on board as member-at-large. Patty Carlson elected to position of Secretary during November meeting. Patty to continue on the ballot in 2022, for a two-year term. Other interest is from TL Jumper, Melinda Godsey as member-at-large. Item will carry until February to finalize with board vote.
    • Sandra to say on as “interim President” with plans to stay on for a limited time.
    • Jennifer motioned – Joanne 2nd – Passed by acclimation


  1. Clinics/Educational events – Five clinics planned for 2022. Item to remain for monthly update.

No new updates on this.


  1. Bylaws – Board approved by acclimation the changes to the ByLaws with presentation for approval at the annual meeting/banquet.


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes
      1. Membership status – Current Membership is 46 and we added nine (9) new members in Feb for a total of 55 and an April total of 61.
      2. Feb roster update sent to USDF on _2/8__ No March Roster – no member – April Roster sent 4/4/2022 – six new memberships.
      3. Rene Notified 2/8_ to be paid. And again on 4/4/2022 – for April Memberships due.


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Financial Report – Rene not present
  • Vice President Report
    1. Updates – No new updates


  • Show Report –
  1. 2022 show season plan complete. Dates set and judges obtained. Communicated to members.
    1. April 10 – – Addy/Aislin to act as co-managers @ Chatfield.
      1. Amanda Bailey – Judge
    2. June 5 – Patty Carlson for Show Manager – @ Chatfield
      1. Contract signed by Barbara Lewis and returned
    3. August 28 – Reschedule Date:
    4. October 2 – Chatfield to host Joanne Homeyer, show Manager
      1. Contract signed by Susanne Lauda
    5. October 30 – Reschedule Dates:
    6. Saturday 12 – Clinic – November 13 – Carole’s barn:
      1. Contract signed by Mary Mahler and returned @ @
      2. If clinic is not filled, it would be cancelled.


  • Web Master Report

Link for banquet  is up

Update the fees for shows – will be updated


  • Year-end awards banquet.
    1. Date set for March 12.
    2. Venue and Food: Joanne -Location set for Falasco’s guest property. Tents, Tables, Chairs are being donated. Joanne is getting caterer. Will have two tents.
    3. Silent Auction: Jennifer – Working with volunteers to get silent auction items. Had three extra volunteers helping out.
    4. Awards: Jennifer – Alex volunteered to assist Jennifer. Awards are in-process with budget being about the same as last year. All are on order and being received.
    5. Signage – directions for parking and directions
    6. Other items?
      1. Clinics – Five clinics planned – Jennifer working up a flyer with dates for these and shows.
      2. Sponsors for High Point found and received by Jennifer
      3. Sponsors for shows / donations in the works with Patty






Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Actions needed for Readiness Due Date
February Renew insurance March 1
March Year-end Banquet March 12
April First Show for 2022

Olivia Lagoy-Weltz Clinic

Submit Tax documentation

April 10

April 2-3

May 15

May Cavalletti Clinic May 21
June Show June 5
August Show reschedule date August 28
September Lauren Spieser Clinic September 10-11
October Show

Show Reschedule date

October 2

October 30

November Show/clinic? November 12-13
December Lauren Spieser Clinic December 3-4
January Plan year-end banquet January 31
February Renew Insurance March 1




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