Meeting Minutes for January 2022

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ADS Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2022


Call To order Present: Sandra Thompson, Jennifer Landers, Carole Smith, Kerry Evans, Anne Tursky, Joanne Homeyer and Patty Carlson

President Report

  1. Show Schedule:
    1. Financial proposal for hosting only FOUR shows for 2022 and entry increases.
      • Voted to approve four shows – Motion to approve by Jennifer 2nd by Anne
        • Passed by Acclimation.
  1. Show dates confirmed: Need decision and board vote to finalize
  2. Motion to approve by Jennifer 2nd by Carole
    • Passed by Acclimation.
  • April 10 – – Possible for Addy/Aislin to act as co-managers @ Polo field/Brownstone?
  • June 5 – Patty Carlson for Show Manager – @ Chatfield
  • August 28 – Reschedule Date:
  • October 2 – Chatfield to host Joanne Homeyer to act as show Manager
  • October 30 – Reschedule Dates: Maybe @ Carole’s barn:
  • November 13 – Reschedule Dates Maybe @ Carole’s barn:


  1. Board member vacancies: President, Secretary, 3 Member-at-large. Anne Tursky asked to remain on board as member-at-large. Patty Carlson elected to position of Secretary during November meeting. Patty to continue on the ballot in 2022, for a two-year term. Other interest is from TL Jumper, Melinda Godsey as member-at-large. Item will carry until February to finalize with board vote.
    • No additional parties have been identified
  2. Clinics/Educational events – goal set for one clinic or educational event each quarter (4 events) during the year. Jennifer volunteered to serve as the Education Coordinator.
    • Carol and Patty Hale to co-sponsor a clinic with Mary Mahler January 22-23 canceled. Pending new date.
    • Jennifer has initiated a clinic with Olivia Lagoy-Weltz for April 2-3. Early access went out Monday Jan 8.
      • TL handling snacks
      • Alex donated $500 towards cost of airfare –
      • Staying at Falasco’s
    • Cavaletti clinic with Lauren Fisher, clinic is scheduled for May 21
      • Clinic is full
      • Hosted at Chatfield.
    • Lauren Spieser Clinics
      • September 10-11, and $500 deposit to
      • December 3-4.
    • Five clinics now planned for 2022. Item to remain for monthly update.
  3. Carried over to Feb Meeting – Reviewed by-laws with changes proposed for presentation to membership during the year-end meeting on March 12, 2022. Any other changes to by-laws? Item will carry until February to finalize with board vote.

Secretary Report

  1. Meeting minutes Approved
    1. Jennifer motioned / Joanne 2nd
  2. Membership status – Sent to USDF and paid.

Treasurer Report

  1. Financial Report – given by Sandra
  2. Vice President Report
    1. Updates –none

Show Report –

  1. 2022 show season planning in-process – see above

Web Master Report Nothing new

Year-end awards banquet.

  1. Date set for March 12.
  2. Venue and Food: Joanne -Location set for Falasco’s guest property. Tents, Tables, Chairs are being donated. Joanne is getting caterer.-
    1. Kay – pasta bar, bread, salad, etc
    2. Decorations – painted vases and stirrups (need more stirrups)
    3. The Manor for 2023
    4. Time to start
  3. Communication: Jennifer – Need to plan for final announcement for members to purchase tickets in the late February time frame.
    1. Start time – possibly as early as 4:00 pm
    2. Cost $35.00
  4. Silent Auction: Jennifer – Working with volunteers to get silent auction items. There is a team working on this –
  5. Awards: Jennifer – Alex volunteered to assist Jennifer. Awards are in-process with budget being about the same as last year. – Grooming totes – Stall bags and ribbons / medals.
  6. Finalize board member election and By-Laws: Sandra – see above
  7. No other items





2022 Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Actions needed for Readiness Due Date
January 2022 Mary Mahler Clinic

Banquet preparations

January 22-23 – Canceled

January 31

February Renew insurance March1
March Year-end Banquet March 12 @ Falasco’s
April First Show for 2022?




Olivia Lagoy-Weltz Clinic


Submit Tax documentation

April 10 – Aislin & Addy [email protected] – Amanda Bailey to judge.


April 2-3 @ RCTS


May 15

May Cavalletti Clinic May 21  Clinic full @ Chatfield
June Show June 5 – Chatfield – Patty Carlson, show manager, Barbara Lewis – judge.
August Show?? August 28 – rain / reschedule date
September Lauren Spieser Clinic September 10-11 –  TBD
October Show




Show Reschedule date?

October 2 – Chatfield  – Joanne Homeyer, Show Manager – Susanne Lauda – Judge.


October 30

November Show Nov 13 – Eloraleah – Carole Smith, Show Manager – Mary Mahler Judge. Pending if this may be a clinic and a show as in 2021.
December Lauren Spieser Clinic December 3-4
2023 Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Actions needed for Readiness Due Date
January 2023 Banquet preparations January 31
February Renew insurance March1



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