Member Spotlight: Aislin Falasco

Jul 12, 2021 by

Member Spotlight: Aislin Falasco


ADS is very excited to announce our newest board member, Aislin Falasco!  We created a junior board member role as we would love to have input from our junior riders on shows and events as well as where they see this GMO going in the coming years.  Aislin reached out to the aislin_pabloboard and inquired about a junior role, and we love seeing our future leaders interested in being a part of what we do.  We hope to continue developing this position and see other junior riders fill this role in the future!

Let’s get to know Aislin!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Aislin Falasco. I am 15 years old. I’ve been riding competitive dressage for about 4 years. I started riding a little western and eventually I shifted to dressage! I began showing in ADS shows on a former kill pen pony named Pablo.

Tell us about your horse.

My horse is named Unscripted, but his barn name is Artie. He is a 15 year old Dutch Riding Pony. He began his career doing hunter/jumper and eventing. Now, he is a full time dressage pony!

What are some of your goals as a rider?

I would love to one day get my gold medal in dressage, and I think I found my dance partner to do it with me!

Why did you want to join the ADS board?

I wanted to be a part of ADS because ADS is the whole reason I got into dressage. I want to help other young riders, like me, to compete and appreciate dressage.

aislin_artie2What is your favorite horse book or movie?

That’s a hard question! Probably the book called A Pony Called Lighting. My friend’s grandma gave it to me for my birthday. I’ve reread that book so many times!

What do you hope to see happen with the junior riders of ADS?

I hope that it expands and brings new people in! I hope that it invites juniors from all equestrian disciplines to participate in ADS. I believe that the fundamentals of dressage can carry over to help juniors continue to grow in their discipline of choice and maybe it will even help them find the discipline of their choice. I also hope that it brings all of the juniors together to form a aislin_artie4special bond between all of us!


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