Enter the Summertime Bliss Virtual Horse Show

Jun 8, 2020 by

Enter the Summertime Bliss Virtual Horse Show

Entries are now open for the Summertime Bliss Virtual Horse Show hosted by ADS for June.  We are very excited to announce that our show has been chosen by SmartPak for sponsorship.  They have donated 5 $25.00 gift certificates as prizes for our show (more details on this TBA).  We appreciate SmartPak’s generosity!


Prize List: June Virtual Show Prize List



Entry Received by/Closing Date:    6/23/20

Expect your results to be sent/posted by: 6/30/20

Judge: Becky Brown

Online Entries:  Enter online at arkansasdressage.org under the Horse Shows tab.  Please follow the instructions under “ADS Virtual Horse Show Entry.”  Classes are $20 each, and there is a 3% additional fee to cover our processing fee.  Classes will be paid for via Paypal.  It is very important you click on the Return to Merchant button after completing payment in PayPal.  This will take you to the form to upload your ride video links.


Participants must abide by all USEF regulations pertaining to tack and equipment.  Attire must be neat and appropriate for a schooling show.  Helmets and proper footwear are required.  Horse leg wraps and/or boots are permitted.  Riders may register for any class on the ADS class list posted on the ADS website.

Video Instructions:

Videos should be taken from the letter C.  Please let your videographer know that they are encouraged to use zoom!  Just make sure that the entire horse is visible, and letters and arena boundaries should be visible on the video.  Videos must not be from a previous USEF or schooling competition.  If your ring is not regulation size, please use your best judgment in modifying your movements and our judge will be accommodating.  Please don’t be deterred if you are not able to ride in a regulation arena.  An arena in a grass field marked by rails is just fine!  Make sure that letters are marked in some way (buckets with letters on them are ok!) and that they are visible on the video.  Begin video as rider prepares to enter the ring at A and end video as rider exits at A.

Videos should be taken prior to completing your entry. Please upload your videos to YouTube and name your video as your name, horse name, class title, and division (ex. Jane Doe on Silver, Training level, Test 1 AM).  Copy and paste the link url(s) into your entry form after PayPal checkout form (click on Return to Merchant to access this form).  Each video/test should have its own link url.  See more detailed instructions on the ADS Virtual Horse Show Entry form.


We will not award ribbons for this virtual show.  A score sheet will be sent to each rider with the judge’s scores and comments by e-mail or postal mail.  Class results will be posted on the ADS website.  Scores received during the virtual show will count toward ADS year end awards. 

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