Meeting Minutes for December 2019

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ADS Update for December 2019

December 11, 2019

  • In lieu of an ADS Board meeting, the following update was prepared and distributed to all board members.
  • Board Members for election at year-end banquet on March 7, 2020: President, Secretary, Web-master, Two members-at-large (Alex and Ashley). We need to finalize and publish this list at the next board meeting on January 9, 2020.  Please come prepared to either commit to another two-year tern or have a replacement for your position identified. Also, if you know people that are interested in board participation, please invite them to the meeting. It would be beneficial to let members attend so they can determine if they want to be on the board, or just contribute by volunteering for duties.
  • Show Schedule 2020: There will be shows in March, April, May, June, September and October. We need show dates determined now. Kat, please provide show dates to Kerry and Jennifer for publication. We can confirm show locations at a later date. Kerry needs show dates to begin contacting judges.
  • Jennifer proposed changes to the ADS Awards Program at the last meeting. Jennifer, please distribute a final version of this document to all board members. We also need to revise the show list for the 2020 show season.
  • Kat and Alex are determining a show list and associated criteria for young entry level riders. Kat agreed to obtain input from other trainers at the November meeting. Need update on progress and plan to complete by end of January. Need to add to the 2020 show list and be able to present at the year-end meeting in March.
  • Volunteers at shows: need to discuss/finalize volunteer hours at shows. It would be good to have this in a document on our website, and we review it at the year-end banquet. Would someone wish to write that document, or is it described in the year-end awards document sufficiently? We need ideas/discussion at the January meeting so we can make obtaining/tracking volunteer hours easier for 2020 show year.
  • Membership renewals for 2020: Kerry please provide update. Are we offering a drawing at the year-end meeting for members renewing memberships in November and December?
  • The changes to the ADS By-laws were discussed last meeting. I will provide a clean copy to Jennifer to put on the ADS website. These changes need to be posted at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting on March 7, 2020.
  • ADS Board Member Responsibilities document was discussed last meeting. I will provide a final version to Jennifer to post of the ADS website. We can use this document with potential new members to the board.
  • Meeting minutes to November meeting will be reviewed at January meeting.
  • Activities for year-end banquet:
  1. Need to finalize the arrangements for food: Joanne Homeyer agreed to do this for Vicky Lind. Joanne, please send text messages to the board when you have options identified. Need to finalize as soon as possible.
  2. Need someone to volunteer for decorations. Perhaps there were members that needed volunteer hours?
  3. Need volunteers identified to arrive one hour before the banquet to help set up, and volunteers to stay after the meeting to clean-up.
  4. Jennifer is coordinating the year-end awards. Ideas/suggestions are welcome. This year we will be completing this activity, including getting the logo placed on the awards.
  5. Who is responsible for coordinating the silent auction?
  • Education Program in 2020 – can we enlist the help of ADS members that may be interested in an Education Program? Perhaps to conduct in November 2020?


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