Meeting Minutes for August 2019

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Meeting Minutes for August 2019

ADS Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2019

  • Call To order: 7:15 pm; Kerry Evans, Rene Pope, Vicki Lind, Sandra Thomspon, Joanne Homeyer, Alex du Celliee Muller, and Jennifer Landers present
  • President Report
    1. General membership issues and feedback
    2. ADS Member Committees for specific tasks: Open to add new project????
    3. Officers for 2020-22: President, Secretary, Web-Master, Two Members-at-large. Need to start search, and publicize openings.
    4. Jennifer and Rene to evaluate use of a PayPal/Square Reader to take card payments at Annual Banquet and shows. Discussed using existing PayPal card reader, adding 3% fee to transactions at banquet silent auction
    5. Other?


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes: Jennifer motioned to approve July minutes, Rene seconded
    2. Membership status: 77 members


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Financial Report for 2018 needed and 1Q 2019. 2018 financial report submitted previously
      • Main account: $11,122.08
      • Junior rider: $533.74
  • Vice President Report
    1. Review process for financial audit required per by-laws


  • Show Report –
    1. September 15 next show: Judge will be Barbara Lewis; venue change to Maumelle Equestrian due to footing replacement at G&H
    2. USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program Rules
    3. New venues
    4. Other Issues? Discussed possibility of a November show at G&H


  • Web Master Report
    1. Open for updates?


  • Old Business
    1. Banquet 2019:
      1. Date and location to be determined. Ashley and Vicki volunteered to complete this item. Review contract for Rusty Tractor Vineyards, tentative date of March 7, 2020.

Board reviewed contract; Sandra will take questions to RTV for clarification

  • Vicki to arrange set-up and clean-up committees
  • Joanne and Vicki researching catering options
    1. Plan year-end award prizes early.


  • New Business
    1. Educational Program – 2020 – Can we get a couple of members to research this? Need a proposal by August timeframe. Mary Wanless clinic discussed very briefly

Discussed USDF Schooling Show Program rules – Jennifer will poll membership for interest in ADS participating

Adjourned at 8:20 pm; minutes prepared by Kerry Evans

Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Actions needed for Readiness Due Date
July Identify any educational/clinic opportunities for 2020. August 15 – NEI grant deadline is usually September 1


Prep for September Show September 15
September – Show on 9/15 – G&H


Prep for October show October 20
October – Show on 10/20 – G&H




Complete Show Schedule for 2020  
December Begin to contract judges for 2020 show season  


Banquet Prep  


Banquet Prep  


2019 Banquet  













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