Meeting Minutes for November 2018

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ADS Meeting Minutes

 November 15, 2018

  • Call To order 7 pm; Rene, Sandra, Kerry, Alex, Jennifer, and Ashley present
  • President Report
    1. General membership issues and feedback
    2. ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
      1. Freestyle and Ride-a-test Clinic –January 26-27, 2019. NEI Grant was approved by USDF for the ride-a-test clinic portion. Official USDF Freestyle CE program and Dressage Foundation grant applications approved. Contract with Joan Darnell completed. Completed reservation of meeting room at LR Public Library, the Third Floor Room at the Bookstore at Library Square has been reserved for 9-4:45 for Saturday, January 26.  Have reserved DTR for the ride-a-test clinic portion on January 27. Insurance certificates are complete, sent to USDF. Announcements complete, receiving entry forms.
        • Need persons to be responsible for:
          • Food for day of Freestyle clinic, i.e. snacks for morning, and box lunches for noon. – Ashley
          • Arranging for overnight accommodations for Joan for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. – Joanne
          • Providing transportation for Joan to and from airport, events, etc. – Alex
          • Complete a roster of attendees. Our limit will be 45 persons. (Kerry)
          • Communications about the event (Jennifer).
          • Completing all the paperwork required by USDF and the Dressage Foundation for each event. (Sandra)
          • Other?
  1. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer and Kat Cromer. Committee to be established. Idea for Junior clinic – Horse Behavior clinic – one day clinic with Cindy Martin – considered to be an expert in animal behavior – can provide an all day clinic with videos/group discussions to explain horse and other animal behavior. Could be indoors/free for junior riders, with low fee for adults. Obtained date from Cincy and Joanne of January 12. Need to send a contract to Cindy.
    • Need persons to be responsible for:
      • Sending contract to Cindy (Sandra)
      • Food for day of clinic, i.e. snacks for morning, lunch for noon. – Ashley
      • Arranging overnight accommodations for Cindy for Friday night. – Sandra
      • Constructing the registration forms for the event, accepting registration and completed a roster of attendees.
  1. ADS Trailer – maintenance – to complete after the October show. Sandra


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes: Motion to approve Oct. minutes by Jennifer, seconded by Rene
    2. Membership status: 7 members


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Q3 2018 Financial Report
    2. Financial report for July show presented at last meeting.
  • Vice President Report
    1. Review process for financial audit required per by-laws
    2. Insurance needs for 2018


  • Show Report –
    1. December 2 show
    2. Need to evaluated new venues and get on schedule.


Awards eligibility amended to 2 shows


  • Web Master Report
    1. Results of the survey taken for input into show management, are there any other changes needed?


  • Old Business
    1. Banquet 2018:
      1. Date and location are finalized: March 2, 2019 at Wildwood Park for the Arts. Contract completed, and fees have been paid. Need decision on amount to charge each participant.


Scores should be submitted by Jan. 15; volunteer hours by Feb. 1


  1. Need persons responsible for:
    • Completing the “hold the date” communication to all members
    • Completing registration forms, accepting forms and constructing the attendee roster.
    • Arrangements for caterer for food/drink.
    • Completing analysis of scores for year-end awards.
    • Ordering prizes for year-end awards.
    • Coordinating the silent auction.
    • Other???
  • New Business

Adjourned at 7:45 pm

Schedule of Activities/Actions

12 months rolling

Monthly Activities Action needed for Readiness Due Date
December – Show ADS products for sale at shows Ready by July show – done (Sandra)
January – Jr. clinic and Freestyle clinic Junior Clinic – with Cindy Martin Need board members to organize/execute
February Year-end Banquet location/date Complete
March – March 2 – Banquet NEI Grant for Ride-a-test  Clinic Complete
April – First Show for 2019? Application/grant for Freestyle Complete
May Year-end awards and Banquet prep February, banquet on March 2, 2019
June Insurance renewal for 2019 January, prior to March 1
July Show Schedule for 2019 Posted by January 15, 2019
August Judges for 2019 show season February 28, 2019


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