ADS Meeting Minutes for September 2017

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Trainers’ Forum 2017

September 25


How can ADS help you help your students?


Details on the Symposium with Melonie Kessler


ADS-sponsored clinics – how much can people pay?


$1000 in Jr rider fund, discussed a “kid’s camp” type activity – model after Oklahoma Dressage Society’s program / considered collaboration with Jonesboro or NWA clubs for this event


“Jr Team Challenge” at schooling shows?


  • Jr Rider
  • Freestyle
  • Adult Amateur
  • Possible clinicians? Other ideas?


  • Consensus was that an ADS-sponsored clinic needed to be unique – something you can benefit from in just one clinic – eg, freestyle clinic


  • Another suggestion was for a clinic series – hold a clinic with the same clinician every few months


  • Board will determine what type of clinic USDF grants can be used for


  • Schooling shows


  • Adherence to USDF rules
  • New locations?
  • More/fewer shows?
  • Increasing fees to benefit farms
  • How to get volunteers?
  • General feedback?


  • Discussed non-compete horse policy. Previously, ADS had no policy, but there is some disagreement about current policy – specifically that it restricts non-compete horses to Open riders
    • It was suggested that Open classes be placed together in schooling shows so that inexperienced horses ride together


  • No issues with current year-end awards requirements
  • Discussed possible increase in show fees – eg, increase grounds and/or stall fees to benefit farms. All trainers thought a reasonable increase was fair. This would align us with other GMOs in the area.


  • Ways to grow membership/attendance/participation?
  • General feedback from trainers




Other business

  • Board voted in favor of Sandra insuring the ADS trailer and its contents for $10,000*; $500 deductible* while on her property *corrected 11.7.17 by KE



Present: Sandra Thompson, Kerry Evans, Rene Pope, Kat Cromer, Alex du Celliee Muller, Nicola Gagliardo, Patty Hale, Nancy Sobba, Paula Angulo, Aaron and Brandi Wilson. Start 7:30pm, adjourn 8:45pm; minutes prepared by Kerry Evans






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