ADS Meeting Minutes for October 2017

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ADS Meeting Agenda

October Meeting Minutes

  • Call To order – Sandra, Kerry, Kat, Alex, Alexis, Jennifer, and Joanne present; opened meeting at 6:50pm
  • President Report
    1. General membership issues and feedback
    2. ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
      1. Committee to plan/execute ADS Member Clinic with a well-known clinician established and in-process. Kerry Evans is Board Member chair. See 8(b). – Kerry will determine how Melonie wants arena etc. set up for Symposium
      2. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer is Board Member chair. Committee to be established.
      3. Meeting with ADS members that are trainers (professional status with USDF). Status – Completed on September 25. Discuss results. Kat Cromer – Kat summarized topics discussed with trainers at Sept. meeting. Discussed possible Freestyle Clinic in Feb/Mar 2018. Sandra will start USDF grant application for clinic support. Alex will look for a clinician. 
    3. ADS Trailer – license plate, insurance and maintenance

Sandra will insure trailer and contents for $10,000/$500 deductible while on her property

– Sandra will have tires inspected, probably replaced; license plate will be replaced

– Joanne will draft an ADS policy for hauling the ADS trailer

  1. USDF Annual Convention – member attendance – Jennifer is considering attending
  2. Review ADS Bylaws
  3. Planning a clinic for 2018 – first step –USDF grant application


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes – Motion to approve August minutes made by Alexis, seconded by Kat; motion to approve September minutes made by Kat, seconded by Alexis (with correction to trailer insurance value/deductible)
    2. Membership status – 84 members; Kerry will send email that it is time to renew/join ADS for 2018


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Q3 2017 Financial Report – show lost $116, collected $365 donations for USEF Disaster Relief Fund (Sept show), collected $140 from sale of ADS wine glasses (Sept show), no profit on Ride a Test Clinic
  • Vice President Report
    1. Process for adherence to USDF rules
    2. Review process for financial audit required per by-laws


  • Show Report –
    1. September show financials
    2. Changes for 2018 show year – Considering show fee increase of $10-$20 to benefit farms; this fee is still much lower than surrounding GMOs/locations; Jennifer will post online survey about show fees


  • Web Master Report


  • Old Business
    1. Banquet 2017:
      1. March 31 at Embassy Suites – status of contract and payments made on schedule
    2. Symposium December 2-3
      1. Location is Fletcher Farms – agreement complete
      2. Clinician is Melonie Kessler – agreement complete
      3. Food Truck – Alexis – identified – on track for symposium
      4. Status – completion
        • Volunteer recruitment – incentives Nicola
        • Door prizes – sponsors – Nicola
        • Publicity – Jennifer
        • Chairs/tables – Sandra
        • Invitations to ADS members – Joanne

Adjourned 8pm; minutes prepared by Kerry Evans


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