ADS Mid-Year Meeting Minutes for August 2015

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ADS Agenda

Mid-Year Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2015

1)      Call To order – Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.


2)      Secretary Report

a)      Last General membership meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes was made by Patty Hale, and second by Jana Nelson. Motion passed.

b)      Membership update – 90 members to-date, consistent with previous year-end of 100 members.


3)      Treasure’s Report

a)      Financial status – ADS financial status is 930.00 gain over last year at this time. ADS funds include:

a)      CD of 1002.71

b)      Checking account of 13121.73

c)       Junior Rider account of 673.00


4)      Vice President’s Report

a)      Show Schedule plans for 2016 were presented.

b)      Insurance status of the club was presented.


5)      Floor open to input from ADS Members


6)      Adjourn at 7:35 pm.


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