ADS Meeting Minutes for May 2015

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ADS Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2015

1)      Call To order – Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm. Present were:

Sandra Thompson   Jennifer Landers              Eileen Krause

Judy Dent                    Alex du Celliee Muller    Rene Pope


2)       President Report

a)      No new information to report.


3)      Secretary Report

a)      Meeting minutes – meeting minutes for the April meeting were approved. Motion made by Jennifer, second by Rene. Motion approved.

b)      Membership status: Total of 82 members to-date.


4)      Treasurer’s Report

a)      Balance in the ADS Checking account is 10,717.70.

b)      Financial reports for the Year-end Banquet and Junior Clinic were presented.

c)       Tax filings for 2013 and 2014 have been filed with the IRS. No response received from IRS to-date.


5)      Vice President’s Report

a)      Eileen completing the duties document for board member positions.

b)      A ryder for an exclusion associated with stray dogs at ADS events is in-progress.


6)      Show Manager’s Report

a)      Next ADS show is on June 21.

b)      Farm contract requires edits to remove the information concerning the ADS dressage arena. Sandra to complete.


7)      Web Master Report

a)      All information on website is up-to-date.

8)      Old Business – None

9)      New business – None


Adjourn at 8:00 pm.


Meeting Minutes written by Sandra Thompson.

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