ADS Meeting Minutes for May 2017

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ADS Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017

  • Call To order 6:55 pm – Sandra, Kat, Alexis, Joanne, Kerry, Rene, and Jennifer present
  • President Report
    1. General membership issues and feedback
    2. ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
      1. Committee to plan/execute ADS Member Clinic with a well-known clinician established and in-process. Kerry Evans is Board Member chair. See 8(b).
  • Joanne will design invitations; will be mailed by July 30 to current/past ADS members; Kerry will provide mailing list
  • To attend symposium at no charge, must be current ADS member – defined as joined for 2017 by Sept. 1 and for 2018 by Nov. 15. Non-members will be charged $150 to attend.
  • Patty Hale is organizing demo riders
  • Alexis is looking into food trucks for symposium


  1. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer is Board Member chair. Committee to be established.
  1. Review ADS Bylaws – Sandra will revise per Board’s previous discussion/recommendations


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes – Jennifer made motion to approve April minutes, Rene seconded
    2. Membership status – 71 members


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Q1 2017 Financial Report

$13,792.99 checking account

$1,000 CD

$693 Jr rider account

  • Vice President Report
    1. Process for adherence to USDF rules – Kat will have a sign made for shows with basic USDF rules
    2. Review process for financial audit required per by-laws


  • Show Report –
    1. June show status
    2. Obtain judges for 2017 show schedule
    3. Coggins checker class at G&H and Thompson Farm- status

September Ride-a-Test Clinic with Susanne Lauda will be $50/ride


  • Web Master Report


  • Old Business
    1. Banquet 2017, need an individual to:
      1. Select date – March 31, 2018
      2. Select location – Embassy Suites, Little Rock
    2. Symposium December 2-3 – See details under President’s report above
      1. Location is Fletcher Farms – agreement in-process
      2. Clinician is Melonie Kessler – agreement complete
      3. Status – completion
        • Volunteer recruitment – incentives Nicola
        • Door prizes – sponsors – Nicola
        • Publicity – Jennifer
        • Caterer/chairs/tables – Sandra
        • Other?
  • New business

Discussed a “Trainers’ Dinner” for ~July to discuss expectations, goals for ADS. Alexis looking into venues. Kerry will prepare a trainer contact list.

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