ADS Meeting Minutes for March 2017

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ADS Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017

1) Call To order – 6:50pm; Alex du Celliee Muller, Kat Cromer, Nicola Gagliardo, Kerry Evans, and Sandra Thompson present

2) President Report
a) General membership issues and feedback
b) ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
1. Committee to plan/execute ADS Member Clinic with a well-known clinician established and in-process. Kerry Evans is Board Member chair. See 8(b). – Contract has been sent to Melonie Kessler (clinician)
2. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer is Board Member chair. Committee to be established.
c) Review ADS Bylaws – Discussed making mid-year meeting optional, removing references to the “newsletter,” updating language to reflect our use of “social media” to communicate with members

3) Secretary Report
a) Meeting minutes – Alex made motion to approve February meetings, Kat seconded
b) Membership status – 63 members

4) Treasurer Report
a) Q1 2017 Financial Report

5) Vice President Report
a) Insurance renewal status
b) Process for adherence to USDF rules – May order a hard copy of the USDF rule book to have at shows/other events

6) Show Report –
a) Changes for 2017 season: New locations – status of Fletcher location – August show will be at Fletcher Farms
b) Obtain judges for 2017 show schedule – status – Kerry and Nicola are getting judges
c) Coggins checker class at G&H and Thompson Farm
d) Show ribbon order and other preparations for April 23rd show? – Alex is pricing new ribbons
e) Other show season preparations?

7) Web Master Report

8) Old Business
a) Banquet 2017, need an individual to:
1. Select date
2. Select location
b) Symposium December 2-3
1. Location is Fletcher Farms – agreement in-process
2. Clinician is Melonie Kessler – agreement in-process
3. Need to assign tasks to activities to ensure completion
(1) Volunteer recruitment – incentives? – Nicola, Alexis (?)
(2) Door prizes – sponsors – Nicola
(3) Publicity
(4) Caterer/chairs/tables – Sandra
(5) Other? – Patty Hale is recruiting demo riders

9) New business
Process for adherence to USDF rules at ADS Schooling Shows – Kat Cromer prepared the following draft for review at the meeting:
ADS adheres to the basic principles of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF).
Any complaints – change to “concerns or comments”- about fellow competitors, judges, or any other show related issues should be brought to the attention of the Show Manager or an ADS board member.
ADS believes in the humane treatment of all animals and follows the USDF recommendations in the USDF rule book for addressing the possibility of abuse to an equine. If you suspect that an equine is being abused please bring the matter to the show manager who will then hand the matter over to the ADS Board representative at that show . The matter will be investigated and handled according to the recommendations in the USDF rule book.
All tack and equipment must adhere to the USDF guidelines as stated in the USDF rule book. Exceptions are made for Western Tack which shall adhere to the Western Dressage guidelines.
Adjourned at 7:50pm; minutes prepared by Kerry Evans

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