ADS Meeting Minutes for July 2017

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ADS Meeting Minutes

July 2017

  • Call To order: 7pm; Joanne, Kat, Sandra, Alexis, Rene, Nicola, and Kerry present
  • President Report
    1. General membership issues and feedback
    2. ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
      1. Committee to plan/execute ADS Member Clinic with a well-known clinician established and in-process. Kerry Evans is Board Member chair. See 8(b).
      2. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer is Board Member chair. Committee to be established.
      3. Meeting with ADS members that are trainers (professional status with USDF). Will move forward with trainers’ dinner; Kat and Kerry drafting an agenda


  1. Review ADS Bylaws


  • Secretary Report
    1. Meeting minutes: Kat made motion to approve June minutes, Joanne seconded (with correction that USDF grants are being considered for clinics in 2018, not for the Melonie Kessler Symposium)
    2. Membership status: 77 members


  • Treasurer Report
    1. Q2 2017 Financial Report

Rene provided report on 2016/2017 Banquet costs, overview of budget since 2011

  • Vice President Report
    1. Process for adherence to USDF rules – Kat will inquire about having a poster/banner made with basic show rules
    2. Review process for financial audit required per by-laws


  • Show Report –
  • Discussed getting a sound system for use at shows
  • Discussed removing “sponsor” option from membership form; Kat made a motion to remove it, Alexis seconded, motion approved. Individual and Family membership options remain unchanged.
  • Will compile and post a list of Coggins checkers to ADS website
    1. Obtain judges for 2017 show schedule Done


  • Web Master Report


  • Old Business
    1. Banquet 2017:
      1. March 31 at Embassy Suites – status of contract and payments made on schedule
    2. Symposium December 2-3

Board members will contact potential Symposium sponsors. Need a form with our tax ID number.

  1. Location is Fletcher Farms – agreement in-process
  2. Clinician is Melonie Kessler – agreement complete
  3. Status – completion
    • Volunteer recruitment – incentives Nicola
    • Door prizes – sponsors – Nicola
    • Publicity – Jennifer
    • Caterer/chairs/tables
    • Invitations to ADS members
  • New business


Adjourned at 8:30. Minutes prepared by Kerry Evans.

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