ADS Meeting Minutes for February 2017

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ADS Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2017

1) Call To order: 6:30 pm, all board members present

2) President Report
a) General membership issues and feedback – Received positive feedback about awards banquet
b) ADS Member Committees for specific tasks
1. Committee to plan/execute ADS Member Clinic with a well-known clinician established and in-process. Kerry Evans is Board Member chair. – Sandra presented the board with contracts for clinician and facility, the board suggested relevant changes and discussed a cancellation policy
2. Committee to plan/execute Junior rider ADS Event. Joanne Homeyer is Board Member chair. Committee to be established. – Joanne and Kat know parents that may be interested in helping, will contact
c) Review ADS Bylaws at March board meeting
d) Clicker Clinic and other ADS member clinics – how to handle
Clicker Clinic will be March 4-5 at Sandra Thompson’s house (not an ADS event because of the cost). Board agrees that it is acceptable to advertise non-ADS clinics/events if they are coordinated by an ADS member.

3) Secretary Report
a) Meeting minutes – Jennifer made motion to approve the December minutes, seconded by Alex
b) Membership status – 56 members

4) Treasurer Report
a) Q4 2016 Financial Report
Main account: $16,009.88
Jr Account: $693.14
Certificate of deposit: $1,006.64
Awards Banquet cost ADS $1,265.57

5) Vice President Report
a) Insurance renewal status – Kat is working to contact insurance company about 2017 shows, etc.

6) Show Report –
a) Changes for 2017 season:
1. Establish process for adherence to USDF rules – Establish communication process for shows to address issues – Kat will put together a formal process for this, and we will inform the members
2. New locations – status of Fletcher location
3. How to handle overbooked shows – Saturday/Sunday schedule for selected shows
4. Review changes made to the year-end award criteria
b) Obtain judges for 2017 show schedule – Nicola will take this over for the 2017 show season
c) Coggins checker class at G&H – Sandra will schedule one for G&H and one for her house (Conway area)
d) Non-compete Horse Entry Form for ADS Schooling Shows – Form and Rules – Alex made a motion to approve these changes to the show entry form made by Sandra, Joanne seconded. Sandra will contact trainers about the updated policy on non-compete horses.

7) Web Master Report

8) Old Business
a) Banquet 2017, need an individual to:
1. Select date – Best date is February (January is too soon after Christmas for silent auction donations)
2. Select location – Joanne and Alexis will research venues in the Little Rock/Conway area. There was concern that the Benton Convention Center may be too far away for Conway area members.
b) Symposium December 2-3
1. Location is Fletcher Farms – review agreement
2. Clinician is Melonie Kessler – review agreement
3. Need to assign tasks to activities to ensure completion – Tasks include: getting volunteers, arranging catering, getting demo riders (Patty Hale has already started this), advertising

9) New business

Adjourned at 8:00 pm

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